Brand identity design for purpose-driven people
Brand identity design for purpose-driven people

identity work

Exploring and defining your core identity, why-how-what, target audience and market position through in-person sessions.

identity design

Bringing to life your identity and market position by custom logotype design, graphic elements, color palette and typeface selection.


Translating the brand identity to a tangible product experience.
Think product labels, boxes and gift wrapping design.


Designing visual outlets in keeping with your brand identity: booklets, retail branding (store signage), promotional materials and more.


Designing your desktop and mobile website, which will be built in collaboration with a selected developer in Webflow or Wordpress.


Creating and executing a creative concept, in collaboration with a selected photographer and extended creative team.

Diederik Dolk, founder Jans Huisartsen
“After designing our brand identity, Gab remained closely involved in establishing Jans as a noticeable new brand in town, whilst safeguarding our core values and look & feel every step of the way.”
Julie van der Have, brand strategy & copy
“She intuitively understands what I and our clients mean and feel. Combined with her professional communication and excellent design skills, it’s an enjoyable way of creating something together.”
Claire Granlund, co-founder Arkive
“Working with Gabrielle on a shoot is always a natural creative process where we even find enough time and space to experiment in the midst of a job.”